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This year was no difference and multitudes responded. In the state of NJ alone, Mrs. Dixon had under her jurisdiction, over 81 plus locations, engaging in some type of formal prayer observance. She supposed there was a whole lot more who had not registered in time.

The evidence pointing that there are still many in this nation, and around the world, which not only believe in God, but still believe his call to prayer.  These are believers, who believe that prayer is still the means to invoke His help for positive change on the earth.

NDOP was officially signed into law in 1952, by President Harry S Truman, although national prayer and congressional prayer had long been observed, since before the formation of the nation. From then, each year, the day is declared nationally by presidential proclamation and on the state level by each state’s governor.

One of Parthenia roles is to coordinate with each county coordinator in the garden state. Her diligence moves her to visit each location’s NDOP activity. Last year’s tour included Camden, Burlington, Atlantic, Gloucester Counties and the state capitol itself –Trenton. This year a little more condensed, she trekked from her home in rural Winslow to the city of Newark.

“This is the 150 year anniversary of the ‘In God We Trust’ motto,” remarked Parthenia, to me, as we traveled up the turnpike with two other prayer warriors.

I traveled with them as the unofficial journalist for New Jersey NDOP, imagining sometimes, being a cross between Henry Stanley and a White House press reporter.

“I didn’t know “I responded. She continued explaining there was somewhat of a grass roots effort to restore the phrase back to its display in national and public institutions.  

The thought that it had been challenged is interesting. The thought returned to me later that day, when one of the NDOP speakers revealed to the crowds, the reality of China’s accelerating rise in the world’s economy, potential passing the US.

This was the 16th gathering over the years of this North Jersey NDOP observance. The crowds were already in place at the steps of City Hall when we arrived before 11 am. A pre-prayer rally was underway. Leaders from the city and vicinity were on schedule to prayer for defined areas—as were the same petitions around the nation.  

Prayers were to include but limited to petitions for: Church, Family, Business Community, Schools & Education, the Nation, County, and City. Many places included prayer for arenas such Military, Music and Entertainment.

Founded in 1666 by Puritans colonist Newark has going through many social and economic challenges including the 1967 riot. Although multiple celebs have their mark there, I don’t recall Newark, New Jersey being the center of national news.  Interestingly, the name is a shorten form of New Work or New Ark. One of the day’s speakers reminded a past statement regarding the city, “as goes Newark, so goes the nation.”

In the crowds---Rev Regina Palmer, Christ Church Newark, Pastor Gerald Whitaker said she was there to pray for solidary, unity and love--- to let people we love and care about our city.

“If we don’t pray people will perish the bible says, expressed Rev Palmer. And that’s prayer without ceasing. The kids need our payers. The gang bangers need our prayers.  The people in jail need our prayers.  

The city government needs our prayers--to make the right decisions in every way.  They are being pulled by people with money and power. But to prevail by faith in God, we can’t be swayed by the enemy, like the devil tried to sway Jesus with money and power. We need our government people to stand firm in faith and righteousness, and do what’s right on behalf of the people.”

One of the number one items on her prayer list is for righteous leaders to be elected.  She is also praying for the soul of the city to be saved. She reminds that rehabilitation will not change the conditions of people’s hearts.

The presiding mayor seemed to be a righteous one according to his spiritual tone. Mayor Luis A. Quintana was well welcomed by the crowd and Newark prayer rally officiates. He was given the mike shortly after his arrival, speaking and presenting his mayoral NDOP proclamation.

“We and the clergy talk about schools.  You know it’s a shame. There is a yellow ribbon around the board of education---a crime scene, because we are allowing this to occur. There is an injustice to our children and the generations to come.

It’s okay for Trenton to talk about Newark when it’s occasional, but when Newark needs help where are they?  They need to step on these steps, as has been done on these steps since 1988, when the act Congress recognized National Prayer day.  

They say it is a separation of church and state, but there will never be separation of my God I love, to put state before the God I believe, because In God We Trust as the currency states.

But my friends we have to call on the clergy now.  Government is not able to do this work alone and the people at the school system can’t do it alone without prayer. There are those who misunderstand prayer.  There are those who pray occasionally, but prayer is something we need to do continuously.”

Parthenia took the mike after another selection form the band ---Songs of Integrity, who performed throughout the event. On the top step of the city seat, a single flag worshipper interpreted not only music, but words and prayers. The state coordinator delivered a prophetic Word from the Lord.

“Surely my hands are upon you [says the Lord] and those that stand against you, they shall fall. And, all the prayers that you have released, says the Spirit of God that day, shall come. [So] that, you shall be telling person to persons, nations to nations that there has been a change. There has been a difference. And, just like I poured all the rains from yesterday and caused my sun to shine today, so shall I come say the Spirit of the Lord and a difference to be made.”

Minister Mable LewisDominion / Agape Fellowship Church was the keynote speaker. She read from Nehemiah chapter 1 highlighting verse 9.

But if ye turn unto me, and keep my commandments, and do them; though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of the heaven, yet will I gather them from thence, and will bring them unto the place that I have chosen to set my name there.

She continued, “And that’s what we want for the city of Newark. A new beginning, to begin today and it starts with prayer. Prayer is how you start a school, a community and even the city of Newark. It has to start with prayer. Nehemiah gave an example of asking God for the transformation of people and a city.

Marcellus Robinson, His church Bethany Baptist--- Pastor Rev Howard, was a citizen who came to City Hall to pay his taxes. As a believer, he stayed and joined in with the praying crowd.

Apostle Jenny Holts--- Ray of Hope Ministry, in the city of Newark, came because she loves the city Newark. We believe for God to transform this city from City Hall to the residents, to the businesses, to the market place people.

We believe God for complete change and transformation. We believe God to alleviate the spirit of murder. We believe that God will transform our young people. We believe that he will impress upon their hearts how important they are--- and that their life and the life of others is upmost importance.

We praying holistically for the city that healing would take place from the city hall to the residents of this city including---those who are residents, but have no address---our homeless

Bishop Frank Dupree---Metro Apostolic Network commented on the local church. He shares that God is moving in his church. They are currently going through a lot of spiritual cleansing. He says although the numbers may be small the people are growing because the people are committed. Today was a commitment to prayer and the city of Newark.

He says the city needs a grass root movement too makes things happen.  “Politicians understand a grass root movement. They know they get elected by grass root movement.  But the church has not walked in that aspect. It’s been from the pulpit out to the streets.  This has to change.

It has been from the pulpit to the people, and then from the people out to the streets.  And, then get people involved and touch people lives. Love your neighbor. Reach out, give time to serve. Do those things. I believe those thing are happening in this city.”

He founded Metro Apostolic Outreach a fellowship of ministers who do this very thing. Like Jonah he says the city needs signs---demonstrations of God. He says the prophet’s effectiveness was enhanced by the fact that he was as one raised from the dead. The city heard him, but said that this is the man that was raised from the dead.

Assessing, Bishop Dupree says the city doesn’t need rooster crowing ministers hyping their ministry, but humble men and women who God is working through.

“The people will listen, when they recognized we are not here to rape the city, but we are here to bless the city.”

The Newark Rally was sponsored by the Resident Minister Alliance-ReMA. Other NDOP speakers for the day included : Rev Paul Valerius—City Hope Ministries / ReMA,  Dr. Aubrey Gregory—Pastor Newark Gospel Tabernacle / ReMA, Dr. Gloria Harris ---Pastor Bethel Int’l Church/ ReMA, Rich Seidler—Seidler Chemical, Dr. Mamie Bridgeforth---Faith Christian Center/ ReMA, Minister Marcia Dunn---Newark NDOP Past-Coordinator, Minister Irving Johnson—Dominion / Metropolitan Baptist, Bernard Wilks, Founder / Apostolic  Overseer—Dominion Ministries / ReMA.

The 2014 NDOP Newark rally over, we headed back down the NJ turnpike, discussing the victories of the day. Flooding had hindered some day’s events. The day before was overtaken by torrential rains on the east coast, but today sunny and conducive for outdoor rallies.

It was still early and we plotted other places to visit that day. There would be more meetings in the days and months to come---a gathering in Hollywood also in October.  As people of faith, we knew better not to conclude on a feeling, no matter how great. We just remembered the NDOP anthem and the anthem for all God trusting people 2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

For more information on the other NDOP rallies and the NDOP itself visit the website at

Terrence Clark is Chief Editor of Voice of One Magazine &


Parthenia Dixon is the NJ state Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer. Her accountability doesn’t end or begin on the first Thursday in May. She, along with other state and world-wide coordinators, have a 365 day commitment to inspire, encourage and provoke people to  intercede for the nation on multiple levels.

Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of world known Evangelist---Billy Graham) this year’s Honorary Chairperson pushed the platform from a national terrace. The2014 theme---ONE VOICE, UNITED IN PRAYER from Romans 15:6: “So that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2014 National Day Of Prayer in Review

Journey in Newark New Jersey

By Terrence Clark―Chief Editor,

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