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We republished this article with permission from his post.

Imagine a nation investing in the purchase of large quantities of rubber guns as its weapons of war in this age of warfare, when drones are fast replacing the use of bombers and attack air-crafts. That's exactly what many are unconsciously doing in several quarters of the Church, in their efforts of reaching the world and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.


By Dr Bernard Etta


Millions of God's people, church institutions and organizations are unconsciously using obsolete methods in doing kingdom work, which are no longer yielding results due to a lack of insight into the mind of God for this new dispensation. This is the greatest dilemma the church finds itself at the moment.

There is a global yearning for God which can't be met by the Church in her present state. People everywhere are being fed with messages from the church and programs, which are lacking validity, vitality and quality required to equip the saints for this new dispensation.

New wine renders obligatory the urgency for new wineskin. When we refuse to renew our minds with the word of God and to update our strategy of operation in relation to the demands of a new dispensation, we would find ourselves in a merry-go-round situation, repeating the same results over and over again.

In some places, church programs have become routine to the extent that, people outside the church can easily preempt the church and imitate with ease the way we preachers present the word of God. At times, the state of the church is a best seller in comedy shows. This has to change!

'God does not change, but his ways of walking with each generation are variable. His words are absolute, but the dynamics of their applications are variable. If we have to walk with God, we must seek his heart and mind progressively for each new dispensation. Today, in several quarters of the church, God's people are burdened by several outdated projects and programs, which offer nothing, but mere activities year in and out. Some of our church institutions and organizations spend millions of dollars each year for trivialities due to the outdated nature of their structure of vision.

Every new dispensation calls for a complete replacement of some things (Revolution), a renewal of others (Revival), and a paradigm shift in the dynamics of operations in all strategic areas as an imperative response to the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities, which comes with each new dispensation.

To meet-up with these demands and their broader implication and application as God's people, we must develop spiritually, mentally, physically and socially in relation to the demands of the time. This is the challenge of every new dispensation; and it takes humility and a teachable spirit to be part of such a move of God in every new dispensation. We either move or be removed! We either walk with God, or remain stagnant and become pillars of salt like Lot's wife.

The above understanding and the need of helping believers, ministers, churches, Christian institutions and organizations to effectively transit into this new dispensation, is the inspiration behind my several outreaches via books, conferences and mentorship programs. This vision is like fire in my bones; I can't help, but to run with it. Watch-out for more info@ on this subject!

Take advantage of this mentorship conference to acquire quality information for proper formation and transformation. This is an event you don't want to miss! See you there! DrBenard Etta.

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