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       ...Until We All Come into the Unity of the Faith ...Ephesians 4:11
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Christians around the world united with one voice to declare God’s goodness

How is your church affecting its community

   and the world?


Christian Writers, Journalist and Reporters

From Every Christian Church, From every Christian denomination, From every Country or World Region, From Every Christian Ethnic or National Background

To record, journal and write unbiased stories about what’s happening in your church, community and part of world

Report on the move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people, Report on Victories in Christ and Miracles, Report on Christian Missions and Charities, Report on Revival and End-time power of the Holy Spirit, Report on Events at your church. Report on your adult or youth group activities.

We need interviews of church leaders, pastors and visionaries, Christian musician and Christians in the fine or performing arts in your church or community

Every Christian has a testimony of God’s Goodness, Every Church has a story

Also need amateur and professional writers to submit articles on various Christian subjects

Please send queries and samples or what you would like to write about

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Your Name, address, email, phone number, church, denomination, part of the world your live or what you would like to  report on -To:

Please do not send attachments. Include any story or article in the body of the email.

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