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The Online Mall

    Blue and Red gum drops spilled all over the counter, Sparky had inadvertently knocked them over with his hand as he reached for the knuckle wrench. The knuckle wrench is what he always used to open the back of the Play Maker 2 Video Game and install the power chip. But as he reached for it this time, he tipped the candy box with his hand. Sparky loved his job at Santa's Northern North West Toy Factory. He never minded in the past, the long hours right before Christmas or filling in at the game department. Sparky preferred working in customer service. There his job was to confirm the list of incoming request from the millions of children all over the world.


Sparky had begun feeling a little distracted over the last few weeks. He reported to work in body, but in his mind and spirit he was far somewhere else. He hadn't been sleeping well and there were foreboding thoughts that he seemingly couldn’t shake from his head. According to a recent medical report he had seen on his web server. Sparky was actually manifesting the first signs of Clinical Depression. He never told anyone including his wife Gina. And now-still, the thoughts and yucky feelings remained. Last night as he stared off into space gazing at the Aroura Borealis, He wonder what it would be like just to leave the planet, forget everything, and just float into the glowing light that radiated from the heavens. A bottle of sleeping pills was also in his hand. Sparky snapped back into reality. Still he had thought about it, leaving the planet and the sleeping pills.


Christmas was soon to come. Santa would soon load up his sleigh as he did every year and head off into the world to visit the chimneys and keyholes of many. Last year Sparky remembered the ride. He had gone along with Santa this time. It was an honor for an elf to ride with the Claus. But the thrill was slapped away when the sleigh sailed over Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Sudan. And, a little more of his joy diminished when they flew over the ghettos of cities world over, but it was all gone when Santa's sleigh passed over the Big Apple, where the twin towers of New York once stood. Santa's cheerful and jolly laugh was replaced by silence--and then a tear. Then Sparky heard Santa proclaim, “My God, My God!


If Teresh Williams and Formica Hardgrove, amongst other who were next on Santa's list, did not get exactly what they had wanted this year, please don't hold it against Santa. It was really hard to get back in focus for the rest of the night.


This year other thoughts had invaded the factories of Santa. They were all relieved that the sniper had been caught in DC. Why so many dead first? Why so much hurt. A new toy doll that played radio station music while her mouth mimicked the lyrics was mouthing out the latest report of a suicide bombing in Palestine. The Opera House in Russia was free again but many were dead. Sparky had voted for President Bush, but hoped that the president could find another way, besides going to war with Iraq.


     Sparky did not know why, this year, things were bothering him. He wasn't as old as Santa but he'd been around a while. He had seen the Vietnam, and Korean Wars. He had seen the assignation of JFK and Martin. He worked through the Uni Bomber and Bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma. The Gulf War was the most recent to his mind. (He had remembered that Santa was asked to help make missiles if there was a shortage.)

     Sparky finished installing the chip and climbed down from his stool. It was break time. He spoke to Charlie and he headed out to the loading dock. It looked empty, but he spied someone who looked like Willie Nipkins down at the far end. Sparky looked up and caught a glimpse of a large star hovering over the Canadian border. He watched the shimmering of the star for a few minutes. As he watched a small thought seem to come to him. He remembered a story he had heard years ago. In fact, Santa used to share the story every year in November right before the Christmas rush. Santa stopped because of new tolerance policies passed down from HR. But the story was still lingered. Sparky remembered the story of the Christ child who had come to earth. God, the creator of all things, so loved the world, that he literally became man, to die for man, to deliver man, from the darkness of the world, and the utter darkness of the world beyond. Sparky remembered when he first heard that story and how it made him feel. But more then the feeling when he believed and received this God and His son Jesus, his life had changed. He remembered telling everyone on his row at work, and then to Gina, and then to all he saw afterwards.

     Somewhere Sparky had become unfocused. He'd become so consumed with making Christmas nice for the world that he lost sight of the one whom gave his life for the world. Sparky thought is this possible? Can we actually celebrate Christmas in the honor of God's gift and not ours? Can we actually celebrate Christmas focused on one main person on the list, Jesus? A small breeze had started to blow. Sparky looked down at the other end of the dock and there was no one there now. Break time was almost over. He believed he needed to make a decision. Sparky knelt in the swirling snow on that dock in the North Pole and recommitted his life to Jesus.

    Five buildings over, Santa, at a board meeting stepped down from being the CEO of Claus enterprise. He said that he had to fulfill another ministry. Inside Sparky's building, work continued to go on as usually, but Sparky was different. The little computer animated doll was now mimicking another broadcast


"This is Minister Terrence Clark from the Voice Of One Christian News and Commentary saying, stay focused on your calling in Jesus Christ, and have a Blessed Christ centered Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Christmas is considered to be one of the merriest, joyous holidays of the year. Oddly, it is also one that holds the record of more battles with oppression depressions, abuse, and even suicide.

The bible never tells us to celebrate the holiday. It does tell us to worship the one born in Bethlehem 2000 plus years ago.

True joy can never be found in celebrating a day. As the woman of Samaria found out in St John 4, true fulfillment in life is only found in the one who gives life. And, He, God Almighty is seeking those who will worship im in Spirit and in truth

An Adult Christmas Tale

©12.05Terrence Clark

As remembered from Christmas 2002 Stay Focused

By Terrence Clark―Chief Editor,