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Vof1 Bryant:  Tell me about Sparkz and what it has been founded to do.

Bullock:   Sparkz  Life & Wellness is a holistic coaching approach to helping clients achieve optimal health, and performance for their mind, body and soul.  Individuals are empowered to live successfully.  This is the mission that drives my business model.


Vof1 Bryant:  In what way do you plan to help individuals get to this successful state?

Bullock:  I want to help them by taking them down a path that will Achieve clarity of thought, a life of balance, and commitment to personal accountability.  These  are just a few of the benefits one will gain.

Vof1 Bryant:  Let’s go back to how you got to this place of reaching out to others.  Tell me about Barbara, who she is and where did she came from?

Bullock:  I grew up in a poverty stricken area of Washington D.C. witnessing drug deals, prostitution, alcoholics, and the many common problems of city life–-hings that  screamed a need for hope in the community. It also birthed the desire for me to remove myself from that dangerous environment. Fearing for my safety, in elementary school, I recall walking to school with a knife in my school bag. Hope introduced itself to me one day, as I fondly remember the poem entitled “Dreams” by Langston Hughes. That poem inspired me to see beyond the pain of the city and that I could help the community flourish and not perish.

Vof1 Bryant:  From the awakening of hope, how did your life progress?

Bullock: Well I believe  that my current goals are a culmination of my life’s experiences, since discovering that poem, while still in Elementary School.  So with a different outlook, at the age of eighteen, I entered the workforce as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, determined to make some changes. By the time I was twenty one, I found myself working at a local church as a Missionary. Soon afterwards, I became a Deaconess and was eventually ordained as a Minister.  

Although, all of my experiences seemed to be guiding me to continue in the path of encouraging and empowering people, I still had dreams that I wanted to pursue. I believed that a lucrative income would be beneficial in allowing me to achieve those dreams. Therefore, I made a decision to go to college and pursue a degree in accounting.  And now, 28 years later I an still working in Accounting Administration.

Vof1 Bryant:  Still working in Accounting, but what has changed?

Bullock:  A little over 18 months ago, I began to become dissatisfied about the lack of professional fulfillment.  I asked God  what did He want me to do? As I began to speak out of my own mouth what would fulfill me, I heard the voice of the Lord tell me that I was going to be a triple threat. I would help change people’s mind, body and soul.  That same night, God gave me the name of the business, a name that I have since had trademarked in the state of Maryland. I believe in this vision, because it came from the Lord.

Vof1 Bryant:  Have you had any mentors; who has helped you along the way?

Bullock:  My mentor and greatest inspiration is none other than my mother Margaret Shaw. My mother has effectively managed her own mental health issues. She has  survived  Domestic Violence. Through her pain and with faith in the Lord,  my mother Shaw has raised eight children, of which four are ministers of the Gospel.  My thirst for success was often encouraged by my mother in my formative years. She would often remind all of us that family must stick together, keep your “happy,” and no matter what you need to overcome–-just  know that,  yes,  you can.

Vof1 Bryant:  What challenges have you had to deal with in order to keep going to where you are now?

Bullock: The challenges that have tried to stop me have been  fear, skeptics, and finances. But I had an antidote for each one of them. I warn myself and others to be careful, because fear will tell you that you can’t, but in the same way fear talks to you; you should talk back to it. Talk faith to fear and eventually it will dissipate.  The skeptics will tell you they don’t believe, but I say, when God tells you “yes you can” that is who you go with. Last but certainly not least, when money speaks to me and tells me that I don’t have enough to accomplish my vision, I refuse to receive it.  I admit that with any business venture, capital is necessary, but you have to be willing to invest in what you are doing. Use the resources that you have, limit taking on debt and know that if God has given you a vision, then He will provide the provision.

Vof1 Bryant:  How will you  deal with future challenges?

Bullock:   Why worry when you have faith. Having gone without a raise, for the past five years, has been another challenge that could have deterred me from starting my own business. Reciporically, I decided to have a fund raiser. I raised enough funds to incorporate the business. I am intrigued with Life and Wellness Coaching because I love to help people get healthy and to see their lives thrive. As a coach, I can witness people’s lives improving one conversation at a time. Life Coaching allows the opportunity to meet clients of a diverse nature. You are not limited to one office. You can coach clients via phone, Skype, or face to face. So, while I reside in the state of Maryland, my business is not limited to any one state.

Vof1 Bryant: What is the goal/purpose of Sparkz Life & Wellness?

Bullock: The goal of Sparkz Life & Wellness is to assist  clients in a one on one, nonjudgmental and confidential setting.  If you are ready to remove barriers, hindrances, and  to express current  issues Sparkz Life & Wellness is available to  offer support, options, and rally you on to success in every area of your life!  My statement:

I am also a certified wellness coach, who helps you (my clients / people) notice what is working in your life and assist with leveraging your strengths, to create possibilities and positive change in your life, to reach your optimum wellness lifestyle.

My business name is Sparkz Life &Wellness, L.L. C. At Sparkz, I empower clients to live exciting and healthier lives, by partnering with them, to create solutions that put the zest into living.

Vof1 Bryant:  How does one get in touch with you?

Bullock:  They can reach me by calling 240-770-6778 or through the website at


Barbara Bullock is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a wife, and a mother of four. She is an overcomer, a survivor, and an encourager, who is passionate about people dreaming, creating and living the life they want.  As a Certified Life and Wellness coach, she is committed to partnering with clients as they pursue the right decisions for their personal lives and their careers.

Let’s look at her journey …


By Dr Marci Bryant―Columnist

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Barbara Bullock