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Rain wasn’t predicted for the day, but it came, as a handful of intercessor gather at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge in NJ. The bridge is one of the two main gateways that connect the city of Camden with Philadelphia Pa.

Both cities have experienced their share of hardships. Camden had not too many years ago been tagged with the highest crime rate amongst cities in the US. Philadelphia had seen a rash of violent crime since the beginning of 2012.

But there on the north walk way Parthenia Dixon –NJ chairperson for the National Day of Prayer met with a relentless group of county coordinators and ministers to walk the bridge in the cloudy mist and to demand back demon invested territory for the Kingdom of God.

It was Wednesday May 2, the day before the national call to prayer on the 3rd. The first Thursday of May was penned in to law by Ronald Reagan in 1988 as the day calling all US citizens of all faiths to unite in prayer & meditation for the nation. Although before the beginning of the nation, the people from time-to-time have been called to unite in prayer.  Harry S. Truman in 1952 signed the law that made it a yearly event, but by proclamation of the seated president.

The team was diverse from different denominations, nationalities, age and gender. “I am here to praise the Lord and to show the people of Philly what God can do for you, if you give your life to Him,”said 45 years old Felix Hammond, who is a native of West Africa—Ghana, but now living in the city of brotherly love.

He says God has kept him and his family.He explained he had stop walking with the Lord some time ago but he been back strong for over four years now. He wants people to see the change that God has made in life.

Felix is expecting to see revival in Philly and around the world. He reminded that the devil is busy. “People are caught in drug, alcohol, homosexuality and children are being lost to abortion,” said Felix. He says “I pray to God to raise up a voice. I pray God will use men and women from city to city, state to state and to the world―that’s why we are here.

Deborah Clark Ryder, Burlington County Coordinator, believed it was her assignment to be a part of the intercessors today. Her expectations looked to the bridge traffic itself. She prayed that the people traveling across the Delaware would sense the peace and love of God.

Deborah was hoping also that unification, as the assignment of the day would manifest in the area of ministry to the widows, orphans and those in need in the community. She believes that as according to the bible, people on the streets would see the love the Church expressed in its unity and ministry together.

As concerning those that may question the effect of prayer, Deborah says, “I don’t know where people are looking. Are people just being critical? Prayer results starts within an individual’s heart”

As the group of lowly intercessors walked across the bridge, prayers in different categories were offered up. There was prayer for salvation to the residents, the manifestation of physical healing, leadership, the churches, the youth, families, businesses and more. Songs were sung such as All Hail King Jesus and Holy Ground.

Mary Campbell, of Philly Christian Radio WFIL, and Regional Coordinator for the NDP organized the Philly-side walk. Mary has been organizing prayer walks for years. She expressed the urgency for the unified prayer event. This day she prayed for spiritual and economic prosperity in the two cities. She prayed that prosperity via commerce and trade would come up the river and rest in the shipping docks of both cities.

Parthenia’s 17 year old granddaughter, who was assisting her grandmother as photographer with her apple note book, carried a red umbrella that stood out from the gray of the clouds and the blue green of the bridge. It was like a special effect in a movie.

It was reminisce of the story of the little girl, who was the only one who brought her umbrella, when her church in a drought stricken community had gathered to pray for rain. Perhaps the rain on this prayer-aide (parade) wasn’t meant as a deterrent, but a reminder that Lord does hear the cry of the faithful in the cities.

Psalms 68:9—Thou, O God didst send a plentiful rain, whereby thou didst confirm thy inheritance when it was weary.

Camden Meets Philly in Prayer 2012 NDP - Update

By Terrence Clark―Chief Editor,

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By Decea T.T. Clark