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Sunday evening, in Vineland NJ, the Cornerstone Christian Book Store was open for business. Owner James Borrero―Jimmy was availing store content as always. Although on Sunday evening, Pastor Jimmy, as many kept calling him, was letting Jesus be available in a more direct manner.

The South Jersey bookstore hosts a coffee house revival-focused gathering which brings together people from multi denominations and ethnic cultures, for the purpose of worshipping God. The meetings flow with a prophetic over tone and many who attend profess to flow under that that Holy Spirit gift.

This night featured Jesus of course, but him manifesting through those in attendance. There was Bro Arne (Mathingsdal) leading in worship without label----long hair and beard, bare fore arms covered in tattoos surrendered an awesome worship to the Lord as the congregation flowed.

Terrence Clark (this reporter) was a guest psalmist and delivered several contemporary worship & inspirational melodies. Jimmy read Ephesian 4 from the bible about the unity of the body of Christ in the Spirit. Mike Wills, a prophetic minister, from Mt Laurel NJ, shared a prophetic word about God’s intervention and the call for revival.

Desiree Lamphier was the guest speaker. She flew in from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Thinly built, dressed in a white top and pants, and touted a head full of thick white blond hair that was kept ruffled by her hands -----at time she reminded of a fitness instructors

“Psalms 62:1 Says we cry out for you there a place where even the flesh cries out for God,” began the traveling preacher prophetess and prayer warrior.

“It’s no hubba-hubba and then it’s over, but you come in one way and leave out another,” referring to time in the presence of God. “It’s not settling for less but the whole package the whole enchilada.

Prophetically Desiree shared, “(Speaking of the Vineland area) this area needs traction. In Michigan, we get snow for real and not just dustings. You have to the rock the car some times to get it out. Sometimes you need dirt or chains to catch traction. God is giving traction to get the car---revival moving.”

She says she’s a sobbing girl. Referencing tears shed before God in prayer. “There is one thing that keeps me going that is (quoting Psalms 27:4) that I may dwell in the house of the Lord. It’s not my husband or my girls, but him and when you put God first everything else lines up.”

Desiree says when coming to a new city to preach, she always hears God say. “Get them to pray Desiree. Get them to pray, because when you pray you can change a nation.”

Again, talking about Vineland and South Jersey, She says although you are a praying people, the bible says to pray the heartfelt earnest prayer of a righteous man. She preaches, it’s not the check list prayer. It’s not even just praying the scriptures. What is needed is scripture burning in the heart. Something that touches your heart that’s what you pray.

“Whatever touches your heart touches Gods heart, says Desiree. Pray what moves you. We pray for a lot of people and are not seeing results, because we are not supposed to be praying for them in the first place.

We have intercessors praying for hours and hours and hours and not seeing anything, because they are not connecting with God. What is needed is a connection---a heartfelt connection. I rather have five words that are meaningful, then a whole day of nothing.”

She prays five to six hours daily almost every day just her and God. She called herself a sucker for God. She says she is crazy for him. She is in love with him.

“And what do I pray, says Desiree?  I say, I love you. I love you Jesus. I love you. I love you Jesus. You mean everything to me. I hardly pray for anybody. When you go on a date with your wife, you don’t talk about everybody else. You just talk about each other. It’s the same when you go on dates with God.

Yeah I go on dates with God. We go to the movies. We go out to lunch. We do everything together. I don’t have a lot of friend. When, I go to restaurants. They know me. They say hear comes Desiree with Jesus.  

We should hunger for the presence of God more than healing, more than ministry, more than anything. How do you get to that place? You seek until you find it.”

There’s one thing that devil tries to get from us says Desiree, If he can get it. “It’s not our finances or our health. It’s our time. The devil says, ‘I want you to be so busy that you can’t pray. I want you be so busy serving God and serving people that you can’t pray.’

I am talking about praying by yourself. Group prayer doesn’t count as your time with him. My husband and I go on group dates to Applebee’s (and get the half price appetizers) but that doesn’t count the same as my alone time with my husband. God doesn’t want anybody before him—he is jealous over us. He just totally wants us.”

Desiree says Christian aresn’t the only ones hungry for revival, but God himself is hungry for revival. “You think we are hungry for his presence---he’s hungry for our presence.

Sometimes I go around and say God-Jesus you can’t get enough of me. I tell him, God you just can’t get enough of me. You love me God. You just want me. You just love me. Do you know how much he loves it when you say that?

Do know you how much that brings him right close to you, when you tell him how much he loves you. In John 17 Jesus prays to the Father ‘that they be one, as you and I are one.’ I say, I am so glad Jesus that I am in you, but you are also in me. I live in you, but you need me---he loves it when you say that to him.

I call Jesus my baby—He’s my baby. I was walking into the bathroom, a few months ago, at a hotel and I just lifted my hands to him and said, I just love you Baby. You’re my Baby and I just love you. You are so amazing. You’re my Baby.  You’re my Sweetie. I did that and the presence of God nearly knocked me out.

Anything that is a treasure to me, I call baby. Sometimes, I look in a thesaurus to find out what else I can call him. He is Master and King. He is lover what else can I say?

The Prayer of Nothing

Psalms 62 says my soul waits on you. Your mind, your will, your emotions wait on God---so in this time you don’t think.” This will change your life says Desiree. “This will change your city all around you. This is called the prayer of nothing.

In this time of prayer you don’t think about anything. You don’t pray anything. You just sit and wait. You mind will try to wander---but don’t condemn yourself just come back. And, all you do is with your expectation is wait on God.

The first couple days you may not hear anything, but then all of sudden heaven opens to you. Why, because you are waiting on him. Answers come when you are waiting on Him His voice becomes very clear.”

She said if she had to choose over everything else from God, she would choose his presence. As Jesus told Martha in the bible, this one thing is needful and that is to sit at the feet of Jesus. She says it is there we hear his heartbeat.

“We wait on God even if we have 101 things to do. I know we are in the time of grace, so we don’t have to pray—we get to pray.

No Television

Desiree says she doesn’t watch TV, in fact she hates it. She says if a four year old or five year old can’t watch a show than she can’t watch it and if she happened to watch something she shouldn’t have, she’s repenting for a week.  She does watch movies, but fast forwards through certain stuff. On the flip side---15,000 People follow her ministry on the smaller screen of facebook.

Wearing the Doctor’s Clothes

She says a lot people are getting certain diseases because of the fear of them. She says the Lord says, “’People are having more faith in doctor than in me. So that Lord told me get a doctor’s smock and kit and put that on when you pray for the sick.” Often she drapes a stethoscope on her shoulders while praying at the altar call/

The Crock Pot Ministry

“Ministry has nothing to do with the people, says Desiree. Ministry has everything to do with our relationship with God. People will let us down. People will hurt us. People will kill us with their words, if they want to. Everything we do is for him and in relationship with him.

And, the over flow is this (public ministry) right here. This is the overflow of a true minister---the singing, the preaching, the pastoring, and the counseling. This is the overflow—this is not my ministry. This is the overflow of what happened in my prayer closet.

There are churches in this room that are stuck and not moving forward. And, there is nothing wrong with you. The overflow is what you need that means you have to clear that schedule. You have to offend some people in your church and in your family.

You have to say, you know what I got to do. Its seek God so I can live. It’s so this ministry can live and not die. You say, I am going to move forward. This place is not going under, but it’s going to go over. If they get offended, you let them go.

This isn’t my real ministry. My real ministry is on my face before God every single day. You are not in the microwave. You are in the crock pot getting all tender and juicy. You’re in the crockpot---simmering. You’re not being full of yourself. It’s becoming that soft tender person in the crockpot.

It’s learning to cries with people when needed to. It’s not always just trying to say something. It’s being able to cry with them. You learn that in the crock pot. Ministers should never leave the crock pot.”

Ministering To Kids

Desiree says sometimes when she goes to minister and the church has a nursery, she finds herself back in the nursery during Praise & Worship ministering to the kids.

“People say, Where is she? Where has she gone? But I’m in the nursery ministering to the kids--- laying hand on them, imparting into the kids.”

She doesn’t tell anybody----And the little kids start running up to her and the parents wonder what going on. It’s because she already has a connection with them.

Everything Works by Love

Desiree says she doesn’t understand all the prophets that are prophesying doom & gloom and wrath upon America. “Are you spending time with God? Are you really getting the heart of the Father? The heart of the Father is love, love, love---loving people. That’s all I ever get is love---everything works by love.”

For more information on the Cornerstone Book Store and Events call (856) 205-1330 or online at

To contact Mike Wills visit ------

For Desiree Lamphier visit


“I Gotta Feelin” a song by secular band Black Eyed Peas isn’t really a song you expect to hear playing at Christian Holy Ghost altar call---but it was. The opening lyrics say, “I gotta feelin’ tonight’s going to be a good night.” You got to be free said the minister. She believed the song was what God told her play---and she did. And, the line was long, as people came forward to be prayed for. Some displaying tears of surrender to God, others even lying prostrate on the floor, in the presence of God.

Ministry In The Crock Pot

And A Revival Evening with Jimmy, Arny, Terrence, Mike, The Black Eyed Peas, Jesus And Desiree.

By Terrence Clark―Chief Editor,

Voice of One Online ©2013

Cornerstone bookstore Vineland NJ with Owner

James Borrero

Desiree Lamphier ministers importance of alone time with God