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This article is a reprint of a reprint. I believe, God laid it on my heart to release it again. May the ever  unfolding story of Christ revealed in Christmas, Resurrection Sunday--Easter , the Passover, Yom Kippur, and all the other God honoring holidays continue to  be displayed as a light of hope (and conviction) for the world to see.

The greatest story ever told, is even more realized when it is seen and experience, not in some day, but in the everyday lives of those He is allowed to live through.  This articles setting may not be the everyday scenario, but the premise is. It’s the story of the Christ. This version is told by Frank Carter.

Lastly, to preface the writer’s article, this is not necessarily a reprove of Catholicism. This is the story of true heart identification, of any soul, with the living Christ and the salvation that comes from Him alone.

Frank’s Story

Reprinted from December 2004

I met Frank Carter this summer at a Christian writer’s conference. Frank is writing his autobiography. He gave me permission to use the introduction in the Voice of One CN&C. I saved it for the 2004 & 05 Winter’s (Christmas & New Year) edition. I was greatly moved by his testimony. I have chosen it to be the Christmas story of the issue and the winner of the Christmas story contest. I believe this story to capture on a modern day reality, a snapshot of the Love God

I’m Frank Carter, born Francis Joseph Leroy. All father could do was tack a name on the end, after a Catholic nurse at the hospital baptized me and gave me the name, when she thought I was going to die as a baby. My parents Earl and Angelica Carter lived in Vermont.

When I was in eighth grade, at a Catholic school called St Mary’s, missionary priest came to speak to us. They told us that they helped people in their countries. Boy, that made a big impression on me. So, when I got home, I went to my room, shut the door and prayed to God that he would make me a missionary. As a Catholic, I didn’t know if God would answer my prayer or not.

Years passed, in my second year of high school, I quit and went to work with my dad, because my parents were having a hard time making ends meet. In 1949, I went into the army and took basic training at Fort Dix NJ. It was pure torture, worse than working for my dad. My first Military assignment was in Japan. When the Korean War broke out, we were told that we would be involved, but didn’t know when. I was in a medical unit and just in my early twenties. We were told to ship our personal things home, and get the medical equipment ready for shipment.

It was September 10, 1950, when we landed in Inchon. Most of the guys were in their late teens.  We knew this was not make-believe, it was the real thing. We were told to move forward to the Suwon Airstrip, some Korean soldiers joined us, because we were shorthanded. One of these men was named Baby-son, since his real name was very hard to pronounce. Right off the bat, he started telling me about Jesus Christ.

Again, I was brought up Catholic. I was told what the Catholic Church wanted me to know: be a good person, keep the commandments, go to church on Sunday, do good deeds, go to confession, and I would go to heaven. Now, I was a frontline medic and there was Baby-son. I could not shake him, he was like fly paper, and he stuck to me like glue.

It was near Christmas, in 1950, when Baby-son and I were sitting on a hill having our C-rations. He asked me how we celebrated Christmas in the States. I told him, we would put up what we called a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and so forth. I cut down a branch from a tree and stuck it in the ground. We put our C-ration cans on the tree. Suddenly [out of nowhere], a hand grenade landed in the small camp fire that we were sitting around and cooking our meal. And, just as suddenly, Baby-son threw himself on the grenade saving my life.

Jesus said greater love has no man then this than to lay down his life for friends….John 15:13

© Copyright Frank Carter 171 Hill Rd Elverson PA 19520

The newest cinematic telling of the bible is schedule to be aired, on the History Channel, in the spring of 2013. This 10 hour, 5- part series, called The Bible is another telling of what has been called the greatest story ever told. The bible (the book), despite J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series continues to be the book with the most volumes ever sold. Its sales are estimated to over 6 billion, since 1611, with its nearest competitor (not Harry Potter) an estimated measly 9 million or less.

Frank’s Story

By Terrence Clark―Chief Editor,

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