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TGC−How to Predict the Future deals with a couple of items. One, it tells a little about my past---things that I was exposed to as a teenager and also as being a teenage Christian. I talk about different things in my background---things that went on in my family and in my household.

My book also speaks to the reality that there are a lot of people who seek after fortune tellers, horoscopes or related things. And the question is---are they really seeking a revelations of  their future, what’s going to happen in the future as a whole, or are they really seeking what can they do to change or affect the future?

So in the book we talk about not just knowing your future, or where to go to know your future, but also how to change it and how to affect it.

Vof1−−So you didn’t write this book to expose witchcraft, you basically wrote it just to show people how to predict their future?

TGC−−Well my intentions weren’t to expose witchcraft or fortune tellers, but to make people more conscious and aware that the power of destiny doesn’t lie in the fortune teller or the horoscopes.

The book more so exposes that the control of a person’s future, even if they went to the fortune teller, really goes back to them. Their future is more consequential to their own choices that they make in life, their relationships, and ultimately their relationship with God.

Vof1−−What was your need or what made you start practicing self-hypnosis at a young age? Were you searching for something?

TGC−−More so a curiosity, it was set up. I ordered a book, advertised on the back of a magazine that sparked my interest, when I was a teenager. My intentions, when I ordered this book weren’t really to dive into self-hypnosis. My goal was really to improve my memory.

The book was marketed as a memory course. I’m not even saying that the person who wrote the book had any other intentions than that. Still, the techniques and methods that were used were the same techniques used in self-hypnosis. I talk about this in my book. These techniques were a doorway into other things. For me, in my life, this doorway had a connection with my background.

This was twofold, there were these things hidden in my family background that by me experimenting in that realm, opened the door to these things that were standing outside the door. But at the same time, because of my Christian background, and the fact that there were people praying, and my early relationship with God, helped me not to go any farther into that realm than what I did.

Vof1−−Do fortune tellers have the ability to tell your future?

TGC−−Yes and no. From a human standpoint there are ways that a person can reveal another person’s or their own future just by reading people. By reading people I talk about behavior patterns. A person’s behavior can be predictive. Certain results usually follow certain behavioral patterns.

You saw somebody walking down the street sipping on a bottle of vodka and its twelve o’clock in the afternoon; we can make some predictions about that person and their life.  It could be determined they are an alcoholic.  Wrong or right, probability says that behavior in indicative of a person who is an alcoholic and a great percentage says that this is true.

Based on this we could surmise that if they continued in this behavior, they were going to cause an accident somewhere in their life or in somebody else’s life.  This may not always be true. Other factors may play a part. However the point is that a behavior pattern is a fair measurer of how to predict someone’s future.

From  a supernatural, standpoint there are forces that exist that assist a witch  or a fortune teller, a palm reader, or even someone who writes horoscopes. There is an invisible world that exists all around us. There entities in this world that are there aid those who know how to operate in that realm.

There are demonic spiritual forces---familiar spirits as we call them in our book that will whisper in that fortune teller’s ear exposing to them some person’s past. These spirits can also propose something that will happen to that individual in the future.

Vof1−−In your book you use the illustration “panning for gold”. Can you explain that?

TGC−−Panning for gold is not necessarily related to fortune telling as in an occult practice. But to find gold and riches would definitely affect a person future and fortune.

In this practice, Gold miners would go to a place, like a river downstream of a mountain and excavate. It would be a place that it is known or said that to have gold. One method of excavation is using a sieve---a pan with a screen like bottom. In this mining process, the sieve is dipped into the water and sediment on the bottom is scooped into the pan. The pan is sifted in the water until smaller fragments and the water drip out the bottom. This sifting process is to separate any gold nuggets or dust hidden in the sand from the sand.

I use this as analogy in fortune telling. Inside every person, inside every individual there is this sifting process. Every person has a potential---a future.  And what is needed to be done is to sift through the dross of life. Dross can be distractions, unproductive thoughts, forgiveness, emotional hurts, and economic or social environment issues. With God’s help we can sifts through those things. And if we’re looking, if we’re are diligent, we can find gold within our lives, we don’t have to depend on a horoscope or somebody else revelation.

Vof1−−How does a person have the ability to affect his future?

TGC−−An abundant life is accessed by decisions. There are always decisions that can be made. Each decision will affect the next decision in your life. We choose what fork in the road we take. Often we decide whether or not to go through an alley or take the road to get home.

Again, everything is governed by decisions. Even decisions that are made by other people for us affect our lives. It’s still a decision.

A person may have been incarcerated for a wrong decision they had made. Sometimes incarceration is a result of persecution or having been wrongly accused. In whatever case, a person can make a decision of their attitude in their imprisonment. Many stories talk of people who in the midst of incarceration walk in liberty within then themselves. This is because they have made the decision that despite their environment, they were going to be free.

A person may have been raped or abused, but the power of decision and knowing how to choose your life’s destiny will override one that some else has imposed on you. The ultimate decision is your relationship with God. Every person has the right to choose God and His plan or to reject God and His plan.

Vof1−−What does “Prophetic Destiny” mean and does everybody have one?

TGC−−Prophetic destiny applies more so what God has called your life to be. And again, the ultimate destiny that any person can have is their relationship with God and their walk with God. God has called everybody to His plan. His ultimate plan is for all mankind to live with Him, enjoy Him, and to enjoy His life. And every person has a part in that plan. One) is to enjoy Him.  And two) is to help somebody else in this world get to their place in God. Prophetic Destiny is always what God has ordained and designed our lives to be. Sometimes people ask, “How will I know? And, I always say, “Ask Him.”

Vof1−−If someone doesn’t choose the path of God, what happens to their “Prophetic Destiny?”

It never goes away. It’s still there. They just don’t fulfill it. There’s a scripture, ‘...the callings of God are without repentance.’ So some people believe differently. Some people believe that you lose that. I don’t believe that. I believe that whatever the plan God has ordained a person to do from his mother’s womb or from the beginning of the world, never expires.

God’s Prophetic Destiny will work even if a person totally missed everything else in their life and totally messed up. Wherever they are in life, if they would say yes to God’s will, God will work that path out. They may have to go around a whole circle to get back to where they were supposed to be. Still, God will still use that person someway and somehow to fulfill what He called them to do.

Vof1−−Is “Fate” and “Prophetic Destiny” the same?

TGC−−No. Fate comes from a word Fatalism which says ‘Que sera, Que sera---Whatever will be will be?’ Fate says you have no choice over your destiny. It’s predetermined. Some people believe that about God. There are certain religions that believed that ever action or event is because of Divine Will and it cannot be altered.

Prophetic Destiny is a choice. God will not make you do what He told you to do. Unless what He has called you to do affects the destiny of somebody else. Moses had to be Moses although he still had a choice. Could God have used somebody else to deliver Israel out of Egypt---Maybe?

God knows how to do things to get us to follow Him especially when our lives have the potential of such a great impact. In other words, sometimes, it’s not all about us. With Fate you can’t do anything about your life’s destiny. According to Prophetic Destiny you have a choice.

Vof1−−What is the “Divine Influence” and why without it there is no hope of a future?

TGC−−Divine influence is almost similar to what I was talking about choosing your Prophetic Destiny. Divine influence is just that. It’s God influencing your steps. God puts things in front of our paths that will move us towards Him. There’s a scripture that says’...the goodness of the Lord will lead men to repentance.’ You still have a choice but God has ways of putting things in front of us to influence.  Satan’s camp has things to influence us the other way.

Vof1−−If we can predict our future can we change it?

TGC−−Sure. Some people are born under a silver spoon, born on Wall Street, their parents had money so they were born in a certain environment, but a lot of people weren’t. Well just because they weren’t doesn’t mean they have been destined to be poor or live in poverty. It’s what they believe. It’s what they do. The problem is the lack of knowledge to know you have an ability to change your future.

Once a person knows that they can change their future, it’s unlimited. They can change any situation. I don’t care how bad it is. A person can be in front of a tsunami wave and you still have the right to choose life. And I believe that choosing life---God will find a way to bring you out of that situation. Choosing God’s life embraces not only the moment but eternity because God is life.

Vof1−−How did you come to know how to predict your future?

TGC−−It was through the Word of God. I just found my future in the Word of God. For me, I thank God that growing up in a Christian family gave me and early connection with the Lord. Despite, the distraction that came from self-hypnosis, I knew that what God had to offer was right there. And when you walk with God and you see that you see His light, and you see the peace that comes with living with Him, why wouldn’t you want to choose His way for you.

Vof1−−When writing this book, did you think about how people of Christian faith will receive this book since it talks about predicting the future?

TGC−−Yes. Obviously the best thing to say is just read it. The reality is that there are Christians that go to the fortune teller. There are Christians that read horoscopes. There are Christians that read fortune cookies. In my family I had an aunt. She was a Christian and did palm readings. I believe the book will help to expose some unscriptural things in our lives concerning our future and set the reader on the course of really fulfilling their God given destiny.

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I recently interviewed Reverend Terrence Clark specifically concerning his recent book How to Predict the Future. Rev Clark is also the founder and chief editor of this magazine.

Vof1−−The title of your book is How to Predict the Future -  A Revelation For Your Destiny. What does that mean?

How To Predict The Future

Interview With Author Terrence G. Clark

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