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Every student has the opportunity to learn about the Bible, Church Ceremony, Church Visiting Protocol, Leadership & Lifestyle Integrity, and a minister’s Responsibility to the Body of Jesus Christ. In addition, these courses help participants understand which of the 'five-fold ministry gifts' they are called to (Pastor/ Teacher/ Evangelist/ Prophet/ Apostle - Ephesians 4:11).     

 The current, first year, first course, fifteen committed students not only will have their lives change from increased Bible knowledge, but will be challenged in their personal purpose. The first class assignment was to identify what they believed was their God given purpose. Based on the responses, half of the students seemed confident and half uncertain about their vision & missions statements. Some moderately identified their life purpose on paper, while others were still searching and seeking God's will. Those seeking were close to identifying, but needed additional work. This was a good thing and part of the process.

 “If you don’t give up, assured Pastor Darryl to the ambiguous, God will direct you.” However, with stipulation to continue to seek God, complete their course assignments, engage biblical teaching, learn scripture, continue a life of prayer, and allow others who are equipped to walk and support them. With diligence, they would eventually be able to clearly identify their vision & mission. He told them that work was required for this process.

 After hearing the complexity of many of the students' visions, Pastor suggested the importance of a Life Coach, or someone similar, to walk with them on their journey toward personal purpose. As per I was attendance, Pastor Darryl highlighted to the class my vision & mission which includes coaching. I testified to the class that my 'sole reason' for existing, is to assist individuals in the Body of Christ, in finding their life purpose. I shared, “A successful coaching process can include four sessions, one year of sessions, or maybe up to ten years. As a coach, my commitment, I wouldn't abandon them on their journey, but again they must be willing to do their part, and not abandon their purpose.”

I also shared my hope, that as believers of Christ, children of the Most High God, we all will begin to invest in ourselves. “Invest in the process---the journey of the purpose God gave us, He put in us, He expects of us.”

 At the end of the second class, my hope is also that before the course ends, God allows me to assist the class participants on their quest. I get excited when I see the spark in others' eyes, the moment that the 'light switches on', and they are sure of their next direction in life.

 Perhaps you questioned your personal life purpose? It doesn't matter how young or mature an individual maybe. God holds all of us accountable to seek after him while he may be found, and to identify why he made us. Think. Think. Why did he personally design you?

 I believe that many of you reading this article are still curious about your life purpose. Maybe you think that it’s too late in your life, and you’re unable to see how to make your heart’s desire, your dream come true?

God has designed individuals like myself to help. However, you must take the first step. Make an appointment to see me. I promise, this will be the first day to hope and to utilize your faith.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and then -----LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU.

Shirley Farrar holds a MA.Ed in higher Education & Administration. She also is an author, columnist, Life Coach, teacher, mother and wife. She and her husband Darryl pastor a growing church---The Meeting House in Voorhees NJ

Her column Let’s Talk About You---Investing In Your Life is a regular posting in this magazine---Voice of One CNC Online.

For Additional Information: Contact Shirley for a Life & Academic Coaching appointment Website -


Recently, I attended a new Five Fold Ministry School at The Meeting House Church in Voorhees New Jersey. The class has been taught by Senior Pastor Darryl every first Monday of the month, beginning this past October. The school’s purpose is to equip any Christian who believes they are a Christian Minister.

Most of the students are requesting more understanding on the 'How to be a minister?' Several individuals, attending the first course, acknowledged wanting to learn the Word of God, and the ability to share the Word with others.  The desire will be fulfilled because Pastor Darryl requires class participation from each attendee.

Let’s Talk–––

Investment in Ministry

By Shirley Scott Farrar

Columnist, Voice of One Online ©2014