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The Lord told her to witness to the woman that was taking her daily walk around the cul-de-sac where Leslie lived. The woman was an older woman of Asian Indian ethnicity.

Leslie was so excited that she heard from God that she ran out of her house like a maniac with an apron on. The woman was wearing a lot of gold and Leslie used that to spark conversation. Her attempt was stopped short when the woman replied that she did not speak English.

Bordering discouragement, she looked up and questioned God. She questioned if she heard correctly.  Undoubtedly, she was assured that she did and reconciled that there had to be a way to speak to the woman.

So she headed to the internet and found a website that printed Bibles in different languages. Using this, she started sending the lady anonymous bible verses and letters in her language. She did that for a while and then sensed the Lord saying that the ministry was not just to that particular Indian woman alone.  

God said to her, “I want you to speak to the Indian people.”

“I didn’t know anything about India, said Leslie. All I knew was that my doctor growing up was Indian. He came in dressed in these fancy clothes and in all this gold. And I just thought that they were billionaires. I came from North Philly. When we saw an Indian person, we just thought they were kings and queens. I didn’t know India. I just knew there was a Caste system and there was Gandhi.”

With passion and determination Leslie began to look for more things to share to help communicate. Using the technology she was familiar with and recording taken from the website, she began to make cassette tapes in the Indian languages. She began her deployment at the Dunkin Donuts.

Her first thought was if the Indian people who were often employee at the chain restaurant would receive the tracts. To her surprise not only did they receive, but inquired if she had more when she returned.

She would go through the drive through, buy a cup of coffee, and say, “I have this important cassette that I made for you, I hope that you would hear it.”

And, they would take it and say, “thank you.”

Although Leslie would pitch the tape by saying, “it’s in your language”, at the time she was not aware that there were 16 different languages belonging to Asian Indian. She prepared the message in the national language of “Hindi.”

She then thought of the ramification of rejection. Perhaps they would even spit in her coffee the next time she visited the store. Conversely, God was opening the door for her to the Indian people. Leslie became obsessed with this new ministry [her words]. She brought every blank cassette she could find filling them with these messages of hope and scripture.

Then every place she went, she would find Indian people. They were on her radar and she on theirs. It was as if God would put people in her way, everywhere that she went. There were Indians on her  on her  block. They were her neighbors. It was as if this community of people was right in front of her house.

“I would go to the supermarket, says Leslie, and they would be there. Everywhere I go Indian people would be there. I would pray for this, but I couldn’t believe how they were just being sent to me, in my direction, no matter where I went.”

Her whole family was involved.  She’d pile her three kids in the car and go out to share the gospel. The process, she continued for a while was to print portions of the book of John and give it out. The gas station workers were so excited to have these books printed in their own language. But the desire came to her to speak from her own mouth to the Indian. She thought about hiring an Indian college student to translate as she spoke. She questioned, since they would not be Christian would they truly translate the gospel exactly how she delivered it?

So as in the inception, she turned to prayer & fasting and then again the internet---this time, to the Assemblies of God (her church’s) website for help. It was on the third day of her seeking that it came to her. She needed to be able to present directly to the people of her mission, in their native language “the salvation message.”

The AOG website list a myriad of people and ministries but only one pastor in her search had a ministry set specifically for Asian Americans. Listed with a picture of him in his wife was Simon Gounder of the Global AIM ministries, based in Orange County California. He was listed availing a recording of the “Message of Joy,” which was a CD containing the salvation message along with his personal testimony, all in the Hindi language.

“I said this is you Lord. So I get on my phone and I think am I going to get the switchboard at the church. However, this man picks up and says, hello.  And I say, hi I am Leslie Munoz.  I need to get my hands on these CDs.  I tell him what I do and he says ---‘Who are you?’

The missionary leader was shocked. He had been praying that God would raise up missionaries on the East Coast. He quickly refuted Leslie humility of not being a “missionary” but just a mother and assured her that she indeed was one.

When the huge box of CD containing Gounder’s---Message of Joy arrived,  Leslie listened to the message and was overflowed with God’s presence. She said she thought she was translated to India.

Leslie and the Pastor Gounder knew this meeting was orchestrated by God. The relationship and ministry connection grew and the timing was right. They met and then met with more pastors. He was invited to preach at her church in New Jersey. He did and God confirmed the message with signs and wonders.

Leslie pastor and the rest of her fellow church members had no idea what the Lord had called her to. She had been doing the ministry for a year without announcement. She just wanted to be obedient to what God had called her to.

She recalled, years before receiving the call to Indian ministry, being again at a Dunkin Donuts and hearing the Lord say to her, “I will make you fisher of men.”

Following, she went to a bookstore and bought a used book and out of it fell a piece of paper that said the same thing. She went three other places and the same message of being made a fisher of men was revealed to her. And she thought this all so peculiar and said to the Lord, “Are you saying something to me.”

She went back to the Dunkin Donuts and heard the Lord speak to her again---telling her to speak to them. Looking around, she saw a bunch of older folk and thought God meant for her to speak to the older people. So she spent one year in the Dunkin Donut primarily speaking to older people.

Although, she missed God in the actually focus of her calling Leslie says God still used this to prepare her by learning how to believe through barriers----cultural, religion, and etc.

“So now we are just waiting on Him. We had the first Hindi service in Gloucester Township where we preached. He preached, referring to Simon Gounder. It was multi language. We had Hindus and Muslims come. It was the first time ever in Gloucester township New Jersey. It was a big deal ---this was 2 to 3 years ago.

And after that we sprang off and started a fellowship dinner at my church. It’s a once a month Indian fellowship. We cook Indian food and we invite folk. It’s kind of hard, but they come. There’s not a whole bunch, but they come. We brought quite a few people to hear the gospel into the church.

Simon Grounder

Leslie is a full time missionary for Global AIM—Global Agent Indian Minister which is based out of Orange County California. Her dedication of the past 6 plus years has planted much ministry seed in the Garden State. Missionary leader Simon Gounder reports that every month over 500 Asian Indians come into the US with the first stop in NJ.

The reason is because all the major flights from India come into New York or NJ. This has made the third state a center for the Asian Indian community. There is a major concentration in Edison NJ. They call it little India.

Pastor Simon, who was part of the interview, while on his missionary visit, stated he believes that Leslie ministry over the years is only just the beginning. He believes that God is positioning her and adding key people to the team. He will be increasing his visits in support. The ministry has a prayer team that also supports and prophecies have confirmed the ministry’s increase and the significance of Leslie leadership in Global AIM.

How I Met Leslie

Leslie’s team not only ministers to Asian Indians, but to all people. They go from business to business on a given day handing out tracts in the languages of the people they connect with. She was carrying a bread basket (full of tracts) accompanied with two other members of her team---one her daughter. She entered my barbershop boldly giving out literature communicating the gospel. The barbers and the patrons seemed to be overly receptive. I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit when she entered.

Truthfully, I was still somewhat cautious as I waited to speak with her outside. I was still trying the spirit assuring she wasn’t part of a cult or missing it on sound doctrine. Sharing that with her, she understood, stating sometimes when she approaches Hindus at a gas station and give them literature, they’ll show her that they have already receive literature from Jehovah Witness. So they already have material. She explains that she has an upgrade and gives them the true gospel she has brought.

Leslie explains that the Jehovah Witnesses have learned the Indian languages. They also have printed material in a lot of languages. They don’t play says Leslie. She says the words and phrase that she has learned, on the way, is not near to what these cult groups employ. “We need to be serious as Christians. Since the Lord has called us to do it, we need to learn these languages, because that opens the door also.”

God Uses Children

I met this couple. They had this little baby they are from a city in the south part of India. I didn’t see them for over 2 years. So I am in a children place and I see this Indian boy.  I said should I speak to them. You got to be careful where and how you witnesses. You don’t want to freak people out. They’ll think you’re a stalker.

However, the little boy looks at me and speaks. His parents are looking at me. He pointed at me. I am thinking, no---it can’t be. What is he saying? Then he says to me---‘talk to them.’ I look at the lady and she says, ‘Oh it’s you. How are you?’ I say I am good. And she said, ‘remember us. This is our baby. He grew up.’

I’m thinking he doesn’t know me from three months old. I believe it was the Lord telling me talk to them. He is using this baby to show me. The Bible says out of the mouth of babes. The child spoke speaks to my parents. It was impossible for him to know me. I have had that with children. God knows what he doing. Sometimes you think ---it can’t be. It can be.

Culture to Culture

Pastor Gounder says he believes it was really God  getting ahold of Leslie heart. Leslie’s ancestry is Puerto Rican. She is a Spanish American. “You see I think the people of America need to get this right. A lot of times, we think the mission field is around the world. America has influenced the world with the gospel.

I was born and raised in the Fiji Islands. I was born as a Hindu. My great grandparents come from southern India. They were taken by the British to the Fiji Islands to work in the sugar industry as labors.  So, I was born in a very strict high cast Hindu family. Christianity was a big deal for me.

About 95 years ago the Assemblies of God sent a missionary to the islands. They brought the first Pentecostal message to Fiji. The first missionaries were not Assemblies of God. I am a product of that Pentecostal harvest.

The American church has done a great job of influencing the world with the gospel, but the American church has not got this. In the third world countries revival has broken through. Churches are growing tremendously even in India. Churches are growing tremendously, but they haven’t realized that the world has come to America.  We are sitting down quietly and watching and thinking what’s happening. Our demographics are changing. Our communities are changing.

Our churches are dying in America. We are departing from the Lord. America needs more missionaries than ever before.  According to the Barna Research, America is the third largest mission field in the world, after China and India. And, the number one developed nation in the world that is unreached today is the USA.  

The world has come to America. Just in southern California where I live. There are 240 different languages, 160 different people groups, and with 24 million people living in southern California, 16 million people do not claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The world is dying. If you go into the NJ city, in the middle of the city, in the mid-day, you will hear the Muslims proclaiming Islam & the prophet Mohammed on a loud speaker, in the middle of the city.

But if the church gets a microphone and speaks out that Jesus loves you, you will be persecuted. You will be given a fine. In every international airport Hare Krishna movement which is the cult group of Hinduism is allowed to distribute the book from Krishna---the Hindu cult bible. They’re able to distribute that book free. Here, the bible, we can’t give it out for free in airports because it’s a violation. It becomes a crime.

We need more Leslies. Like Jesus said the harvest is plentiful, it’s the labors that are few. Our job is to plant the seed. Someday it will be harvested. Out of a 1000 Asian Indians coming in to America, at least one can be saved. That one could go back and reach half of India or at least his village.

How to reach an Asian India in America

Pastor Simon said, “It not that you walk up to a Hindu and believe that he will get saved right there. It’s not like walking into a Black community, or a Hispanic community, or a Caucasian community and they are brought to receive Jesus in their need. Hindus are very devoted people. They worship many Gods. They are not somebody who doesn’t believe in God. They believe in God, but the wrong God.

With a Hindu you have to plant the seed and build a relationship with them. You have to gain their trust. Once they start trusting you, then you can start pouring into them the Word of God.

Deep down in their heart they know that there is something wrong. They know that what they believe in is not working out for them. They might be rich, but there is no happiness in them. The joy we have by receiving Jesus is because we have a personal relationship with God. Hindus although they worship, they don’t know who they worship. They don’t know how they worship. They are always confused at some point, but they don’t show it out.

The best way is to build a bridge and build a relationship with them. However, don’t expect it to happen one minute, or one day, or one year. Sometimes it can take years for a Hindu to come to Christ, because the demonic power, the strongholds that are there, protect them from coming. Then, there is the family pressure. They can lose their whole family.”

Being raised in the Hindu religion himself, Pastor Gounder revealed the terrible persecution he was subject to from his own family when he became a Christian. “I was the only son and my dad wanted to kill me, literally. He told me I had 3 days to make a decision.

When the rest of my family found out later that I had become a Christians, all of my cousins that I had grown up with shun me. I became an outcast from my own family. But, 20 years later, they have seen the fruit in my life. Now, all the family calls me. They talk about me. They say, ‘wow he’s doing something right.’ A lot of my family has become Christian just through seeing my family’s life. My parents became Christians. Now my two sisters have become Christians.

So again, I tell the Christian American, don’t expect things to happen overnight after you give a DVD or a tract. But the good news is, any Christian material you ever give to a Hindu, it will never be thrown away. It’s because they believe it is from a God, although a different God. To them anything you throw away from God’s message is a sin and it can kill you. Yes, they are superstitious, but it works in our favor. Every message, every video, ever tract, it is somewhere sitting in their house. They can’t get rid of it. They might mail it back. They may not watch it, but they won’t throw it away, so it is a good investment.

I met a lady 15 years ago. I went to minister to her. She got saved. She was demon possessed and she got delivered. I took a bible to her home---a Hindi bible. She said ‘oh don’t worry, I have bible.’ I said you are a Hindu, how come you have a bible. She said, ‘when I was young (30 years ago) a friend gave me a bible, because I was going through some challenges with my husband. She gave me a Hindi [language] bible. I didn’t know what to do, so I kept it underneath my mattress.  It’s been always there, all this time. It’s still new. I never used it.’ she could not throw it away.”

Every Dunkin Donuts in NJ knows Leslie, although the donut & coffee makers are not the only place they visit. They go to the shore where there is another heavy concentration of Asian Indians. Her ministry is known in other NJ communities like Gloucester Township, Camden County, all along the Blackhorse and Whitehorse Pike. She said new people are coming to these locations all the time and the others are like family. She says it’s not just about getting people saved alone. She genuinely cares about them and their wellbeing.

“Like this Punjab guy, says Leslie, who got shot and killed. I never met him, but I was devastated, because I didn’t t get to talk to him. These are people that I know that are in my little scope that I need to reach. The Lord loves all these people. He even loves our neighbors.”

A Special Calling

Pastor Gounder says everybody cannot do this type of ministry. He says Christians tend to minister to people who are easy to reach out to. It has to be a special calling.

“God lays a very special calling on people to do this. This it the heart of what he says in Acts 1:8. ‘When the power of God comes upon you, you shall be my witnesses to the end of the world.’

So when Jesus left this earth, he left with something on his heart and mind. This is to reach the people to the end of the world.  This is the heart beat of Jesus and that why I believe people are called for a special purpose. Leslie has this calling. This is why people and children are drawn to her. They see her passion.

One of the other reason people are drawn to Leslie is because they believe they can trust her. These people trust her more than their own families. Asian Indians know and believe that Christians are trustworthy people, so they trust them. I know this as an Indian. And that’s the way they see it. They don’t see the Bible they see Christians as the Bible.”

Leslie says her mission is not without opposition. She has had incidents where the gospel was distributed, healings manifested, and willingness to accept Christ was there, but only to be thwarted by the adversary.

The mission for Asian Indians and Hindu people is on the move. It growth in NJ is greatly from a young Christian mothers prayers for God to use her to reach people. Leslie of course cannot do it alone and she, Simon Gounder, Global AIM and the Holy Spirit ask for your help.

Leslie is serving in this mission completely by faith. She is available to present and minister at churches. To help, donate, invite Leslie out to a church or ministry event to speak, or for more information about the ministry visit the website

1(714) 602-6038 / 1(310) 980-4254


The Lord called Leslie Munoz, into Indian ministry, at a time when she had a lot of challenges in her life. Being raised by her aunt, who taught her to pray and fast (all night); she decided to do just that. She needed to hear from God.

Surveying what was currently going on in her life, she believed God had more for her to do. So she asked him. She recalled that during this time of seeking him, the Lord was doing many wonderful things for her.  One day, after about a month, on her knees, in her living room, she heard God clearly speak to her.

Reaching India

In America

By Terrence Clark―Chief Editor,

Voice of One Online ©2013

Leslie Munoz serves the Gospel at Donut Shop

Leslie with Global AIM Director Simon Gounder

Simon Gounder Brings Power Witness of Christ to the Hindu People

Voice of One Editor meeting fellow laborers & new Friends in the Gospel