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Testimony after testimony filled with faith and God’s faithfulness pour from her lips. Over and over, she declares deliverance from a hardcore family life growing up to serving and learning obedience to the Holy Spirit through the various ministries she has served under. And, her journey has not been easy, laced with tragedy in family and relationships, yet through it all God triumphantly bringing her up to His calling for her life

Her tag (and those listening will never have to wait too long to hear) “It’s nobody but God.” She then acknowledges, one by one, every member of the The Breath of Life Ministry Team and gives their bio and prophetic call, dismissing any thought of coincidence calling them to be a part of the team. “It’s nobody but God,” will be heard again.

The Breath of Life Ministries (TBOLM) is a Para-church outreach ministry that ministers to males and females that are incarcerated as well as ex-offenders.  TBOLM also ministers in Health Care Facilities also to male and female patients. 

The ministry uses Christian biblical values to provide counseling and support that includes: Christian education; Counseling and follow up; Job training and placement; Food, clothing, and housing assistance.

TBOLM networks with other ministries and organizations to help with the needs of the men and the women.  The primary goal is helping male and female offenders and ex-offenders to forgive and love themselves, through biblical teaching. The result is so that those ministered to may forgive and love others. Concurrently, helping them blend successfully back into society.

Michelle Davis’ calling into this type of ministry began on a personal note. Her son was convicted and incarcerated for selling drugs in Camden NJ. As a mother, she supported her son throughout his incarceration by visiting him, writing to him and putting money on his books (prison account). During this time her son would let her know of others incarcerated along with him that needed help. Help such as getting information to their family or lawyer.  

“I found myself going to their family letting them know what their husband; son; brother needed, said the evangelist. If the family member did not have a ride to the prison to visit their incarcerated loved one, I’d began picking them up and taking them with me, to go see their love one, as I went to see my son. While doing this, I didn’t know God was preparing me for Prison Ministry through my son.” 

It was 4:30 one morning that God awoke her and gave her the name The Breath Of Life Ministries. Six months later The Garrett Halfway House opened up for women in Camden, NJ.  The Director called her and asked her if she would be interested in coming in and conducting a Bible Study with the women.  

“I said ‘YES’!!!, reported Evangelist Davis.  I had an interview on a Monday at 1pm.  During the appointment the Director of the halfway house for women ask me the name of the ministry I was in and I said ‘The Breath Of Life Ministries.’  That is when birth was given to The Breath Of Life Ministries.  Before that point, it was just a name on a piece of paper, given to me in my sleep, by God himself.”

Since then God has allowed TBOLM to go into County Jails such as Gloucester County Jail, Clarksboro, NJ Jail (Women); Gloucester County Jail Woodbury, NJ (Men); Edna Mahan Correctional Facility (Women); Mountain View Youth Correctional Facility Advandale, NJ (Youth Male); Salem County Jail Woodstown, NJ (Women).  

Starting 2013 God has also allowed The Breath Of Life Ministries to go into Health Care Facilities and do Bible Studies.  So far these facilities include Brinton Manor Glenn Mills, Pa. and Manor Care Voorhees, NJ.

TBOLM is operated by God-sent volunteers that love the Lord and desire to increase in their service for him.  Evangelist Davis is always very enthusiastic, appreciative and thankful to God for those he has sent to support her in this life changing ministry. She also notes the great ministry growth that has taken places in the lives of her leaders.

The ministry various teams include note only bible study visitation team but other support teams including,  The Executive Board; Trustee Board; Bible Study Ministry; Aftercare Ministry; Christian Pen Pal Ministry; Prayer Ministry; Transportation Ministry; Men's Fellowship and Women's Fellowship

Looking back over the years of ministry Evangelist Davis most memorable experience goes back to her team. She refers to her first support assistance.

“God sent Sis Susan Ackley to TBOLM after going into The Garrett Halfway House for Women for 6 months every Tuesday from 7 PM. to 9 PM. I did a workshop with Sis Ackley one on one and she came into the Halfway House and observed one of the Bible Studies.  My husband had a stroke and was hospitalized for weeks and from there to a rehab center for months.  

Sis. Ackley was the first Volunteer to come onto TBOLM.  Faithfully she stepped up and did the Tuesday Bible Study.  Sis. Ackley faithfully did her reports.  Sis. Ackley faithfully reported to me what she was doing and how she was doing it.  Through Sis. Ackley’s faithfulness, the door of The Garrett Halfway House stayed open for TBOLM to go in and do ministry.  The Garrett Halfway House was the first open door to TBOLM to go in and do Prison Ministry.”

Since then the ministry has touched many people from inmate to volunteer. Evangelist Davis testifies that regardless of the gathering, from visitation to team meeting, from bible studies to business meetings, there is always a move of God. Salem County was an example.

“We thank God for the women at the Salem County Jail said Evangelist Michelle. They come out faithfully every Saturday morning from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM you can see the power of God moving in their lives. Through the Good News---the Gospel Message, God has brought the women to a place of conviction. This brought them to a place of repentance, and that brought them to a place of salvation. God has added them to the church.  They come prepared every Saturday with their bibles. They received the Word of God.  They hold fast to the Word of God.”

Evangelist Davis says all the volunteer have been a blessing to TBOLM.  Each volunteer comes from a different church.  She says, “Despite the diversity, we all come together for one common cause, to be a tool, a vessel used by God, to share the Good News---the Gospel Message, so that someone may cry out---‘What must I do to be saved?’  Each volunteer’s gift and talent is a blessing to TBOLM that helps and causes TBOLM to be an effective ministry doing the will & work of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.”

The five year vision for this ministry---is to own its own building, supported by staff, doing effective ministry [to the glory of God].  The Effective Ministry vision is itemized as 1) Effective Bible Study---continue going into different facilities as the Lord opens, sharing the Word of God [that bring about conviction, that brings about repentance and that leads to salvation]. 2) Effective Aftercare---meeting the previously incarcerated individual at the gate as they are released, helping them transition back into society. 3) Effective Mentoring---assigning mentors to each person as they are released and TBOLM along aside them, for one year, to help them transition back into society. 4) Food & Clothing Pantry---TBOLM having its own.  5) Effective Networking---effectively networking with other agencies, organizations, and ministries.

Evangelist Davis says the challenges to this type of ministry are more internal than anything else. She says challenges arise when people become “I” centered and not Godly centered.  

“As long as we keep our minds on Christ and not me; myself; and I---we remain connected and fitly joined together.  Then and only then, we can support and follow the vision.  There is only one vision.  There is not two or three visions.  God gives the vision to the head---the leader and there is only one head and one leader.  If we can remain humble; listen and follow, then we will see the vision come to pass.”

Again, the ministry is via volunteers. And, volunteering is needed in every area, from conducting bible studies, transitioning (being a driver or case manager), pen pal ministry (writing to inmates and sending cards), financially supporting---money, cards; stamps; clothes etc.

Evangelist Davis reminds that to be a part you do not have to go physically into a prison. The ministry also needs help in other areas such as Administrative Support; Office Administration; Communications; Life Skills; Angel Tree; Job Placement; Prayer Ministry and Community Service.

The ministry will also host its first banquet on March 29th 2014 introducing its ministry to a broader circle. What started to be a fundraiser over good food is expected to be another move of God and a time of ministry. It will be surely added to the program---Evangelist Michelle Davis smiling with a Holy Ghost brightness and declaring, “Nobody but God.”

You may follow or support this ministry via the it’s website below or contact Evangelist Michele Rene Davis 609.481.0484



The bible admonishes Christians to visit those who are incarcerated. Jesus got personal in his description saying in Mathews 25:31-46, “If you did this (visiting in prison) to the least of my brothers you have done it to me.” Some may argue that this reference to visitation was to those who have been incarcerated because of their Christian convictions. Nonetheless, the great commission reaches to all men---preaching to kings, as well as the lowest of society, making disciples out of them.

Evangelist Michelle Rene Davis has taken this ministry to heart. And, those who know her know this statement is not just mere words. She is very passionate in her witness of Christ and the mark of an evangelist is undoubtedly upon her.



By Terrence Clark―Chief Editor,

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